Katy Perry has a new furry friend in her life, an adorable puppy named Butters!

    She revealed her adorable new world tour mascot to fans on her Instagram and we have the pic!

    Another reason why we love Demi Lovato!

    She shut down a Twitter user Tuesday night for calling her a "fatty." Find out what she had to say inside!
    Save the date!

    Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married May 24th at the Castle of Louis the 14th in France!
    Maybe this will make Paula take Robin back, or not..

    The End Violence Against Women Coalition has named Robin Thicke sexist of the year.
    It's almost here Directioners!

    The "You & I" music video from One Direction will be here tomorrow but we have a teaser of the video to hold you over for now.